Authorities had been Cole that is already watching when sold him the cars – and investigators suspected the automobiles had been utilized to launder medication cash

Authorities had been Cole that is already watching when sold him the cars – and investigators suspected the automobiles had been utilized to launder medication cash

Marc Perrusquia | Reporter, The Commercial Appeal: that They had two domiciles, high priced domiciles which were in foreclosure … Sherra … said they certainly were bouncin’ checks left and right.

2 yrs ahead of the murder, Lorenzen was at need of money and offered two of his luxury automobiles to a person known as Bobby Cole. Cole had been a drag racer, whom worked the circuit, nonetheless it ends up, he also had ties to a drug syndicate that is notorious.

Marc Perrusquia: Now, the $64,000 concern about this is ended up being Lorenzen a prepared element of this? …I’ve been told that the text ended up being genuine tenuous. That Lorenzen did not really understand Bobby Cole. Which he had been introduced by a 3rd party and it also ended up being sort of a moving relationship.

Dr. Bill Adkins: They questioned, had been he doin’ it for laundering cash? But Lorenzen purchased vehicles as if you and I also purchase tops. And –and he would get sick and tired of it, he would offer it, simply just place.

The DEA finally discovered no medication connection between Lorenzen and Cole. Nonetheless it cast a shadow over Lorenzen’s squeaky clean image and reinforced Sherra’s accusations which he had been associated with a high stakes drug deal the night time he had been murdered.

Dr. Bill Adkins: exactly What troubled me personally the absolute most had been Lorenzen had been killed twice. He had been killed actually. Then their character was assassinated … People now don’t believe of him as that charming, pleased man that is young played for Memphis. Now they think of him as being a medication dealer.

Regardless of the medication allegations against Lorenzen, lots of people remained dubious of Sherra. 90 days following the murder, she consented to speak to April Thompson.

James Brown: the thing that was that like?

April Thompson | WREG reporter: I was astonished that she decided to the meeting. …There had been lots of speculation on offer that she knew one thing, that she had one thing related to it. And I also simply shared with her, we said, “this can be your chance to inform your region of the story.”

THOMPSON: Did you have anything to do with Lorenzo’s murder april?

April SHERRA WRIGHT: No. No. If we knew whom did this to Lorenzen you’ll understand who did this to Lorenzen.

April Thompson: We have heard individuals say that … she liked the wide range … I inquired her exactly exactly what she ended up being doing for cash.

THOMPSON: So how are you getting by now april?

April SHERRA WRIGHT: I was married to an NBA basketball player for 13 years. My view is really a motor automobile, or my band is a residence, after all, he had been advisable that you me personally.

Fourteen months after Lorenzen’s death, Sherra received a life insurance payout that is million-dollar.

Marc Perrusquia: This $1 million insurance coverage ended up being put up for the main benefit of kids. And, needless to say, she being the mother, ended up being the fiduciary. To ensure’s an element that is intriguing this. Did she have motive that is financial all this, because here is an instant $1 million.

But in a short time, Sherra had been almost broke again — having blown through the million bucks in just 10 months, investing nearly all of it on costly houses, luxury vehicles and extravagant trips.

Dr. Bill Adkins: if you are accustomed investing $40,000, $50,000 per month in only modification, simply spendable earnings and also you become accustomed to that, you know, $10,000 four weeks may seem like poverty line.

By very early 2014, very nearly four years following the murder, Sherra had managed to move on and remarried.

But still, there have been no arrests for the murder of Lorenzen Wright. The situation expanded cool

Toney Armstrong: I do not remember ever goin’ a lot more than per month without somebody askin’ me personally about Lorenzen Wright’s murder … “Have you all made any headway onto it?” “Where have you been onto it?”

Oddly, almost 5 years after Lorenzen’s death, it absolutely was Sherra whom received attention returning to herself by publishing a written book called, “Mr. Tell Me Any Such Thing.” It absolutely was in regards to a philandering NBA player.

Marc Perresquia: once you look at this written book, you get, like, “Wow.”

Sherra advertised it had been predicated on her life with Lorenzen.

Marc Perresquia: The guide is find a bride mostly about a lady that has been wronged, who is very embittered, that is been mistreated … emotionally, is cheated on.

And Sherra additionally reported become composing a sequel where in fact the philandering spouse inside her very first guide is murdered.

Marc Perresquia: Sherra ended up being really enthusiastic about getting cash.

After her guide had been posted, Sherra decided to an interview with Kelvin Cowans — a freelance reporter for the Tri-State Defender. It can show to be a fateful conference.

Kelvin Cowans: In walks this 5′ 10″ goddess … we just could not forget, you understand, the way I felt whenever I saw her; we thought she had been breathtaking. Her perfume ended up being unjust, you understand, and thus, that is just exactly exactly how all of it began her, never crossed the line… I had never interviewed a woman and then dated.

James Brown: never really had gotten romantically associated with an meeting topic?

Kelvin Cowans: Never Ever. Not just one. Sherra had been the initial.

Within 6 months she consented to keep her marriage, leave Memphis, and move with him to Houston.

Kelvin Cowans: Houston had been my concept.

James Brown: And she was up because of it?

Kelvin Cowans: Definitely. She had been dealing with a divorce proceedings, therefore she felt want it will be a fresh begin on her plus the young ones aswell, and I also ended up being like, “OK, let us do it.”

Kelvin Cowans and Sherra Wright Kelvin Cowans

James Brown: that which was real life with Sherra?

Kelvin Cowans: It Absolutely Was great. Sherra had been — she actually is hilarious. She is funny. She actually is religious. She’s a great mother. After all, we’d a time that is great.

And even though Cowans had heard the rumors about Sherra’s participation with Lorenzen’s murder, he stayed specialized in her.

Kelvin Cowans: i did not also believe she had any such thing to do along with it. I mightn’t never relocated away I thought she was guilty with her if. You understand? You need to comprehend she had simply written a guide about her life with Lorenzen, okay … and where we result from, that you don’t compose publications about individuals you assisted to destroy.


By 2016, six years following the murder of hometown hero Lorenzen Wright, Memphis had all but abandoned hope that the criminal activity will be resolved.

Memphis Grizzlies’ Lorenzen Wright, center, slides by Denver Nuggets’ Kenyon Martin, left, and DerMarr Johnson, appropriate, as he drives into the container throughout the very first quarter Friday, Feb. 25, 2005, in Memphis, Tenn. AP Photo/ Mark Weber

James Brown: just exactly How did this effect the populous town in general?

Marc Perrusquia: A cloud’s hung over this town for a while. …the grief over, you understand, losing Lorenzen. However simply this plain thing of, you realize, why can not they get this business? Exactly just just What’s goin’ on?

April Thompson: lots of people anticipated some sort of quality. Plus it simply appeared like there was clearlyn’t one.

Gayle Rose | Lorenzen’s friend: Well i am aware at that time Toney Armstrong ended up being their chief of authorities, and also this had been really individual to him. In which he pledged which he would get the killer.

Armstrong states their department never ever threw in the towel regarding the research.

Toney Armstrong: i could let you know we tossed every thing however the destroy at this research.

And it also had been individual. He was indeed fulfilling frequently with Wright’s grieving mom, Deborah Marion.

Toney Armstrong: It Had Been heartbreakin’. Simply — simply gut-wrenching to stay over the desk and talk to her — also to start to see the pain that — that she was at.

Toney Armstrong: i needed in order to make that telephone call to her and inform her, you understand, that we discovered the individual in charge of this. …I wished to deliver that news to her. And then we simply was not capable in those days.

Meanwhile the connection between Lorenzen’s ex-wife Sherra and Kelvin Cowans had soured.

Kelvin Cowans: i cannot state it didn’t work away that I wasn’t used to because she was a awful person, but there were signs of greed.

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