Don’t Strain, We’ve Found This Before!

Don’t Strain, We’ve Found This Before!

Every tickets officer from Tufts requires part of their very own time answering questions with prospective pupils and parents. Without fail, we will hear this unique sentence operator at least once per week: ‘I have a unique situation… ‘ I will count on just one hand the quantity of times Seems surprised in what came following. That’s not to downplay ways unique the specific situation may be inside your local backdrop ? setting (and the issues it may get caused you), but more to be able to reassure you that we’re accustomed to seeing several ‘unusual’ transcripts, curricula, in addition to extracurricular routines to name still a few scenarios.

I improved schools

This may not be uncommon normally as we read many purposes from worldwide, but we know it may not possibly be as usual in your people. We realize that students change schools for all kinds of reasons: their valuable parent gets a new employment that means any move over the state, state or world; they make your mind up a different program is a significantly better fit; many people receive the opportunity they can’t refuse. There’s a good section around the Common Component where you can show us about it. All of us encourage you to definitely let us know about your high school change, including a purpose and any specific effect they have had on your education.

My partner and i don’t acquire AP types, I have Dual Enrollment tuition, my school’s own sophisticated classes, often the IB, A-Levels, French Bac…

Don’t worry! We are taught to read applications within our terrain and are used to seeing numerous various curricula with committee way too. We have a lot of experience amongst us, plus some of us needed GCSEs, A-Levels and IBs inside and outdoors of the UNITED STATES ourselves!

Almost all applicants will be read from the context of the school, and also know what the challenging resume will look like. All the same, if it is a factor that is unique with your school, quite simple hurt to provide us a fast bit of wisdom into it, or maybe ask your company counselor to make a note of the usb ports in their notice.

I’m on the gap year or had been on countrywide service

Should you be on a distance year and also have taken a niche year, be sure to briefly tell us what you are doing/have done we’re curious. To read more about what to accomplish re: presenting midyear degrees in this condition, see this unique FAQ.

This school works with a 7-point scale or computes GPA with their own approach

If your classes does employ a non-standard grading scale, your current counselor often inform you and me as they post your homeschool transcript. If we want information, many of us reach out to these individuals. If your college doesn’t offer you grades, we still call for a transcript call the acces office to acquire more information.

If you are situation is not listed above, do fear likelihood is it’s yet something we’ve seen well before. If not, relax knowing that we read as well as work to recognise all the items of your application, which includes anything that people tell us while in the “additional information” section in the Common Iphone app. And if you worried, you can always give us a call or even send a e-mail with your territory fx broker. We’re at this point to make this technique as easy as likely!

Mid-December Approval Advice


Dear more mature adults,

Congrats! You might have survived qualifications and are these days enjoying certain much-deserved precious time away from institution. As you map out your split and put the final touches on your application, I needed to share some words of recommendation. Hopefully you have previously devoted severe time and towards your practical application and nutrient, but this should help despite the fact that you’re any procrastinator.

In doing my time as a guidance professional, I would commonly describe the required forms process to be a gift packaging of varieties. That is to say, you could be presenting your self and your achievements, so provide proper care that a app is owed! Without deeper delay, strategies as you prepare yourself to submit previous to our Present cards 1st deadlines:

Rely upon yourself: This is exactly more of a great overarching theme… You have functioned really hard over the course of your senior high school experience (and beyond). Rely upon what you have learned and done in the classroom, in the community, and in some other pursuits. When you cannot change that sophomore grade or possibly add 36 months of an after school activity, it is possible to control ways your scenario is advised. Which engages you in me in order to my following point…

Make sure your personal voice will come in: Sometimes documents can be look over and modified so much the fact that student’s voice is missing among the many guidelines. Review your particular statement together with supplement and inquire yourself, ‘Does this be understood as me? ‘

Talking about your supplementation: This is seriously your main possibility to express your current interest in addition to excitement for Tufts. All of us encourage pupils to be specific, centering on a few examples as opposed to in brief outlining all areas of interest.

Making a catalog, checking them twice: On reviewing your list of extracurricular activities, be sure that the full level of your engagement is captured. Utilize the living space to describe kepemimpinan positions placed, awards achieved, and other tasks of the participation.

Lastly, trust in yourself. You bet, I previously shared the fact that advice, but it surely is worth naming again. Complete your homework by making last edits together with doing away with typos, but in due course you should rest assured knowing that you add your best feet forward.

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