‘Historic’ fatwa against very very early wedding

‘Historic’ fatwa against very very early wedding

Summit additionally seeks techniques to protect a predicted 50 million girls prone to genital mutilation

Jaha Dukureh could be the creator of secure Hands for females. The Gambian is fighting to ban female mutilation that is genital. (Photo by JONATHAN LEIBSON/AFP)

Senegal’s Atlantic coast money, Dakar, this week hosted the initial African summit on feminine genital mutilation and marriage that is early.

At the conclusion of the seminar, Al-Azhar University, that is situated in Cairo, Egypt, delivered an historic fatwa, a non-binding Islamic pronouncement, setting a minimum marrying age for both kids of 18.

Significantly more than 500 members of NGOs, victims’ associations, worldwide organizations and federal federal federal government officials from 25 mostly African countries went to the June 16-18 summit.

All taken care of immediately the invite associated with the Senegalese and Gambian governments additionally the NGO secure Hands for women, that was created six years back with a young gambian girl title jaha Dukureh.

Spiritual leaders during the forefront regarding the challenge

“We believe that it is feasible to eliminate feminine genital mutilation and son or daughter wedding by 2030,” she claims. (more…)

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