PayForAResearchPaper Com – Despite the pre-Christmas season has not been opened for several well-known customers of retail outlets, such as department store Galeries Lafayette.Do demonstrations occurred despite the withdrawal of the government from the announced increase in excise duty on fuel.

From Kiev Yaroslav Junko (PAP) Other people judged in this case, including the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, were given life sentences. Among those sentenced to capital punishment by hanging they are: senior Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian and Mohamed El-Beltagy and influential Islamist preacher Safwat Higazi – judicial sources said, cited by the agency Reutera.zobacz also: Egypt tightens control over the Internet. Blocked access to more than 500 sites »The convicts face such charges as murder, incitement to violence and organizing illegal protests. The entire group of 75 Islamists were sentenced at the end of July this year., But according to Egyptian law, that judgment has become final formally, he had to accept it Mufti. In July 2013, in the weeks following the removal from power of the then Islamist president, Mohamed associated with the Brotherhood Mursi in Cairo, the square of Al-Nahda and Rabaa Square, gathered his followers.

The next month, Egyptian authorities closed down the camp, killing and arresting hundreds of protesters. Mursi moved away from the power of the army led by Abd el-Fatah es-Sisiego, which currently is the president a second term. According to Amnesty International protests have been killed more than 800 demonstrators. The Egyptian government maintains that many of the demonstrators were armed and that the clashes killed 43 of them policemen. Egyptian authorities to repress people who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or sympathize with him. In recent years, hundreds of members and supporters of the movement have been sentenced to death or long prison terms. In December 2013, the government officially declared Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

Defending human rights, Human Rights Watch called this movement the “political decision”, whose sole purpose was the “desire to break up a significant opposition movement.” She said that through diplomatic channels now begin setting the time and place of the visit. He provided also that the leader of the Korean People’s Democratic Republic is set to act toward combining both Korei.zobacz the Trump waiting for another letter from Kim Jong-un »Matviyenko as” draconian “sanctions against the DPRK identified. She stressed that the problems should be solved not sanctions, but through political and diplomatic channels. North Korean authorities. Demanding concessions from the US, including the easing of international economic sanctions imposed on Pyongyang in connection with its armament, as well as cooperation in the conclusion of a peace treaty ending the Korean War from the years 1950-1953.

The two Koreas are still technically at war because the conflict only ended with the signing of the truce. Matviyenko said that the leader of North Korea will not be able to take part in the annual East Economic Forum in Vladivostok because “filled schedule” in September and planned talks between the two Koreas. She told reporters that in Vladivostok will be a seven-North Korean delegation. North Korea. And South Korea. They agreed on the organization of the summit, which will be attended by the leaders of both countries.

The summit will be held September 18-20 in Pyongyang – Reuters reported, citing a senior official of the South. Annual Eastern Economic Forum to be held in Vladivostok on September 11-13. This In the study, the results of which were announced on Tuesday, the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Russians asked about the events of the Prague Spring. When asked if they know what happened then in Czechoslovakia, 11 percent. It answered that this is about a good knowledge and 21 percent. repulsed that heard and read about these events. 45 percent of respondents said they did not know anything about it. This is less than in previous years – in 2013, admitted to ignorance of 50 percent.

Russians, and in 2008 even more – 55 procent.zobacz also: Slovakia: tribute was paid to the victims of the invasion of Czechoslovakia »Czech Republic: March of the Czech-German reconciliation” At the same time a growing number of those who positively assess the decision to introduce Soviet troops into Czechoslovakia. As a “more right” assesses the invasion of 26 percent of Russians and 10 percent considered it as “definitely right.” A “rather unfair” considers it to 14 percent. of respondents, while 5 percent. – for “decidedly unfair.” 45 percent do not have a neutral opinion. Fewer and fewer Russians asked about the events of half a century associated with the decision to invade the necessity to “preserve the socialist system” in Czechoslovakia. 16 percent. in the survey supported the view that the intervention was necessary “to preserve order and prevent the bloodshed.” Almost as many – 15 percent. – decided that the Soviet Union had not brought their troops to Czechoslovakia, it would make it the Western countries. 6 percent. of respondents chose the answer that the invasion of the USSR was a “criminal aggression against a neighboring country.” And up to 28 percent. respondents indicated the answer “I do not remember and do not know anything about it,” and another 22 percent. – the answer “no opinion”.

On the 50th anniversary of the events on the Vltava River 23 percent. Russians believe the Prague Spring as a “coup attempt” in the government of Czechoslovakia, taken by the forces of “anti-Soviet and revisionist.” 21 percent. It is of the opinion that this was an attempt to destabilize and break up the socialist camp taken by Western countries. 18 percent. believes the Prague Spring uprising against the regime imposed by the USSR, and 10 per cent. – for attempting to democratic renewal of the socialist system. 23 percent. the survey participants had no opinion on the matter.

Levada Center sociologist Alexei Levinson Tuesday in the pages of the newspaper “Vedomosti” estimated that the majority of Russians today “does not remember or do not want to remember,” the 1968 events. Among people aged over 50 years, more than half said that “knows nothing” about what has happened in the then Czechoslovakia, and among the youth – those aged under 25 – to admit ignorance than three-quarters – highlighted badacz.zobacz also Pospichal card 77 for us was an impulse, joined people who want changes in Czechoslovakia »All problems Andrej Babisza» Levinson recalled that in 2006, word of condemnation of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia died in the speech of President Vladimir Putin. The head of state said that Russia feels a moral responsibility for the events of 1968. Levinson also carried out a comparison between the invasion of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union made by Russia in 2014 annexation of the Crimea. Those who in 1968 dared to publicly express opposition to the actions of the authorities, “secretly squeezed his hand,” but in 2014 the opponents of the annexation of the Crimea “ripped relationship” – noted commentator. He also noted that some of the Russians believe 1,968 years as “the beginning of the era of shame”, and some – for the moment when Moscow is convinced that the West does not respond to its activities in the region, which it considers as its sphere of influence. The Minister pointed out that in Paris on Saturday marched about 10 thousand. people across the country and on the streets came out 125 thousand. “Yellow jackets”.

Again cars set on fire, shops were attacked and attempted to erect street barricades. Demonstrators clashed with police. For the first time since the beginning of public appearances “yellow vest” on the streets of Paris appeared armored vehicles ?andarmerii.zobacz also: France: 31 thousand. protesters “yellow jackets”, 700 arrested »Castaner added that aggression during the demonstration is” totally unacceptable “.On the police command was closed on Saturday, a number of stations of the Paris Metro, through which trains drove without stopping. Despite the pre-Christmas season has not been opened for several well-known customers of retail outlets, such as department store Galeries Lafayette.Do demonstrations occurred despite the withdrawal of the government from the announced increase in excise duty on fuel. On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty parliaments of France and Germany have adopted resolutions on Monday, calling for deepening cooperation, popularization of the languages ??of the two countries and to exploit the possibilities offered by the digital economy.

The Treaty, concluded by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer 22 January 1963 year initiated a close cooperation between these countries and is considered the symbol of Franco-German reconciliation. But – as evaluated Tuesday “SZ” – France and Germany will not be able to repeat the success of that historic agreement. “Whoever wants to adopt today a new Élysée Treaty, will not be able to give it the meaning of the original. (…) The new system can exhaust already in the symbolic layer and the lack of specifics would be seen only as a political folklore” – says newspaper columnist Stefan Kornelius .See also: Merkel and Macron want to strengthen the cooperation of Germany and France and the EU »he points out that the system is changed between Germany and France and the location of the two countries in the European context. “On the one hand some of the problems the German-French no longer exists – the war between the two countries as the original source of evil in European history has become unthinkable; on the other side of Europe, the island of stability, crash, new, disturbing problems. Who today wants to ( new) Elysée Treaty, in fact, looking for a formula for a political revival of the EU with Germany and France as the core “- emphasizes Kornelius. “In Central Europe, and in general among the smaller EU countries with great suspicion warns against the German-French drive machine. It rains a bad word + + diktat, said the action at the expense of third parties, with the exclusion of” – dodaje.zobacz also Czaputowicz: in February Munich has come to a meeting of foreign ministers of the Weimar Triangle “Commentator” SZ “also indicates that” Germany, in the light of all the ills of the past will always proved more understanding of your neighbor, Poland, than France ever will have to do so, regardless of whether in Warsaw PiS government or not. ” Amendments made to a total of a dozen senators and an independent senator PO Marek Borowski. In most cases they involve local and regional level. But there are those that have a clear impact on the budget.

Eg. Senator Leszek Czarnobaj offered to increase budget revenues by 9 billion z?, of which 7 billion z? would hit the BGK to support housing and 2 billion z? – the remit of the Minister of Science to support the economy. Numerous amendments concern also redirects differently extra money for health care. Before the final vote, and amendments of the Act, which is still planned for this, lasting until Friday sitting of the Senate, the amendment has yet to give its opinion on the budget and finance committee publicznych.zobacz also even greater tax revenues in 2018. Parliament adopted the budget bill »Budget Act stipulates that the deficit this year will not exceed 41.5 billion z?, with revenues amounting to 355.7 billion z? and expenditure amounting to 397.2 billion z?. The government started preparing a draft economic growth of 3.8 percent. and average annual inflation of 2.3 percent. and the general government deficit in 2018. in the amount of 2.7 percent. GDP.

Provides for an increase in the average annual wage fund in the national economy and an increase in pensions of 6.3 per cent., The growth of private consumption in nominal terms by 5.9 per cent. In the so-called. European funds budget for 2018 established that its revenues will amount to 64.8 billion z?, spending 80.2 billion z?, and the deficit of 15.5 billion z?. PO bureaux clubs and Modern have taken on Wednesday the resolution, which advocated the establishment of a joint club of the Civic Coalition. Subsequently, however, accepted by the club’s Modern resolution was rejected by the members of this party. Among the supporters of the club are the joint head of the club .: Modern Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz Wróblewska and Cornelia Elizabeth Stepien, Paul Kobyli?ski (Modern went to the club kukiz’15) and pay someone to write my research paper reviews Marek Sowa and Michal Jaros (from left to Modern PO). Members declared after the decision of his club that they want to remain in the Modern.

Announced that they will continue to convince his colleagues to unite the clubs PO and Nowoczesnej.zobacz also Czarzasty: Modern lose creating shared with the Civic Platform club »Lubnauer: Gasiuk-Pihowicz acted against the will of the party” Wednesday afternoon for the creation of a joint club Civic coalition told the envoy Christopher Modern Truskolaski. In unofficial conversations Platform politicians expressed, however, that a group of supporters of closer cooperation with the Modern PO leave soon and if that happens, you parliamentarians to be admitted to PO.zobacz also Grabiec: We believe that Modern ripe for a decision to establish a joint club Coalition civic »Lubnauer: I do not think that the club shared the PO and Modern strengthen the civic Coalition» One of these members he said unofficially that probably will leave the club Modern. When asked by the PAP, or join the PO caucus, he said: “I wanted to join the club of the Civic Coalition.” At. 14 meet National Board PO, which will discuss the situation related to the dispute around the inside of Modern unification of the PO. Adamski informing on Friday evening on his Facebook reported that was turned back from the border in Gusev, when he wanted to enter the Kaliningrad region.

Adamski was on his way to Swietlogorsk, where, as Deputy Director CPRDiP was about to open, together with the Kaliningrad authorities, Championship Cup for Cross-Border Zones children. “It turned out that the FSB is a threat to + defense capability, national security or public order + of the Russian Federation. The document I got from the Russian border guards. I am a non-entry into Russia to the March 2021 year,” – he wrote Adamski.zobacz also provokes Russia because he wants to push Poland to the imaginary camp Russophobes [iNTERVIEW] »As reported on Twitter CPRDiP head of Ernest Wyciszkiewicz Adamski not allowed into Russia, despite the fact that he had a valid visa. Commenting on the motivation by the FSB entry ban Wyciszkiewicz wrote that apparently “honest conversation about the past and present of the region open and fair-minded Russians” with the participation of neighbors of Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus is seen as a threat to Russia. “So we have to do something important. There is no better recommendation to have an even more active efforts to Polish-Russian dialogue, involving serious conversation to those who understand its meaning,” – he added Wyciszkiewicz.

Lukasz Adamski is a historian and political scientist specializing in Eastern European countries.

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