PayForAResearchPaper Com – Despite the pre-Christmas season has not been opened for several well-known customers of retail outlets, such as department store Galeries Lafayette.Do demonstrations occurred despite the withdrawal of the government from the announced increase in excise duty on fuel.

From Kiev Yaroslav Junko (PAP) Other people judged in this case, including the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, were given life sentences. Among those sentenced to capital punishment by hanging they are: senior Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian and Mohamed El-Beltagy and influential Islamist preacher Safwat Higazi – judicial sources said, cited by the agency Reutera.zobacz also: Egypt tightens control over the Internet. Blocked access to more than 500 sites ┬╗The convicts face such charges as murder, incitement to violence and organizing illegal protests. The entire group of 75 Islamists were sentenced at the end of July this year., But according to Egyptian law, that judgment has become final formally, he had to accept it Mufti. In July 2013, in the weeks following the removal from power of the then Islamist president, Mohamed associated with the Brotherhood Mursi in Cairo, the square of Al-Nahda and Rabaa Square, gathered his followers.

The next month, Egyptian authorities closed down the camp, killing and arresting hundreds of protesters. Mursi moved away from the power of the army led by Abd el-Fatah es-Sisiego, which currently is the president a second term. According to Amnesty International protests have been killed more than 800 demonstrators. The Egyptian government maintains that many of the demonstrators were armed and that the clashes killed 43 of them policemen. Egyptian authorities to repress people who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhoo (more…)

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