how we work

Our three values: Reliable, Innovative and Solution centric.


Reliability is a core value, expressed through
– Consistent delivery on promises and expectations
– Keeping projects within budget and on schedule
– Exceeding expectations of quality of concepts, planning and design

Ask our customers: Managing Directors, CEOs, Chairmen, and Project Directors of the world largest Banks, Governments and Fortune 500 companies, or private individuals who are happy to share their experiences of working with us.


Innovation is a prerequisite to all of our projects.
It’s the power of transforming archetypal requirements into new solutions.  Solutions that respond to the latest developments, trends and conditions in technology and society to reflect positively and in inspiring new ways ambitions with relation to how our clients want to work and live.
Through innovative thinking we add value to our client projects.
Innovative thinking is what keeps us interested in our own work
Innovation. It makes us different and better; and it keeps us inspired to deliver on your requirements in surprisingly well fitting ways.

We innovated to create together with the client a localized concept for the Japan offices of the world second largest temporary staffing agency.

We innovated to create a reusable energy system for the Tokyo Embassy of one of the most advanced thinking governments in Europe.

We used innovated to transform a 30+ year old Tokyo apartment into a loft for a lawyer, a standard office floor of an old office building into a bustling and popular high profile serviced office space (our own office), to create the environment and branding for a fast growing Japanese IT portal company with Google style ambitions, to provide styling, branding and shop concept for a new take out coffee shop chain, to created a 300 person new office for a multinational health care company at the cost level equal to of one of the worst Japanese office interiors, to embed new styles of working and communication technologies into our client’s projects.

We will use innovation for your new project…


In the end, our clients want Solutions!
Whether in the form of an efficient climate control system, moving into new offices on extremely tight budget conditions, or showing off and impressing customers or clients with an avant-garde building or reception space. They do not want to be bothered by the details; they want their dreams and strategies to be realized beyond their own imagination. They want Solutions.

Realized successful completion on time and within budget of move of major pharmaceutical company operations Osaka 3000m2

Completed new offices for animal pharmaceutical company on time in budget

Various renovations , expansions of IT marketing company

Completion of bar restaurant Meguro: in budget, timespan from initial meeting to opening restaurant: 1,5 month

Current project: 15,000m2 reorganization of largest bank Tokyo office; first phase completed in time in budget

Now realizing: various projects in Africa, from hospitals to large residential / shopping complexes, office/retail complex as well as the current highest office tower in Ghana.